Eminent Team Brings Excellence

Competent domain centered people syncing together for bring revolution in the IT industry through their exceptional way of working.

Our Expert Minds

Behind those incredible Works

Nimra Ijaz

Assistant Project Manager & Business Analyst

"Achievement without a plan and plan without teamwork is not possible."

Maryum Ashfaq

Assistant UI/UX Designer & Associate Of BA

"Design isn't finished until, somebody is using it."

Sharjeel Qasim

Assistant Software Architecture Engineer & Associate CD Engineer

"If you control the code, you control the world."

Maqaddam Maqsood

Assistant Core Development Engineer

"First solve the problem, then write the code."

Saqib Naseer

Associate Core Dev Engineer

"Programming is thinking, not

Muhammad Ahmad

Assistant Front-End Engineer & Associate QE/CD

"Behave like legend, act like front-end developer."

Shumaila Bibi

Associate Front-End Engineer

"Yes, I'm a Girl.
Yes, I Code."

Basit Javed

Assistant QA Manager & Customer Support Manager

"Quality means doing it right, when no one is looking."

Somia Naeem

Associate QA Manager & Customer Support Manager

"While there's code there's bug."

Irfan Aleem

IT Manager

"Your network is your net worth."