An anti-money laundering, risk-free system having a strong and solid KYC, robust and faultless compliance system. Working according to GDPR and PCI-DSS under the eye of Due diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence, making our system more secure and guaranteed.


One-Touch Secure Money Transfer

The home remittance industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. According to the world, banks transact over 600 billion US dollars annually worldwide. ACCORDING TO SURVEY UK'S TURNOVER is 1.6 billion pounds to 16.5 million pounds, which makes in top 10 in those countries where money is transacted via home remittance. 2.5 million people still do not have bank accounts and use home remittance to send funds from one place to another.

Why is it that the bank cannot find a solution to this?

For a few years now, home remittance is facing downfall as a whole. Banks are closing more and more MSB's accounts, and MSB's are losing their businesses. For this reason, MSBs have no choice but to work with overseas agents and criminal ... agencies, thus resulting in Money Laundering. Restricting money laundering is the most challenging thing to do in banking. Launderers are continuously looking for new routes for laundering their funds. With that the home remittance industry has a lot of loopholes. Thus, more people are engaging in money laundering, if caught, would blame each other. So the banks would just shut down the account.
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Current situation and changing trends

Covid-19 has impacted people’s lives all across the globe. With various restrictions on movement, socializing, and the ability to carry out certain everyday tasks, it has proven difficult and challenging ... for people. For those with family abroad, it’s more vital than ever to ensure they get the support they need.
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Our Bussiness Model

    MoneyRouter has two cores
      1. MSB operational core
      2. Compliance core
    In the MSB operational core, we have two types of business
      1. Remittance
      2. EMI

Need for secure solution

MoneyRouter is an alternative that makes remittances more secure and provides friendly secure banking on a compliant platform with a network offering, better margins to agents, and better deals to consumers. Through this platform, banks can significantly reduce overhead, reduce risk exposure,... and increase profitability by making the risk mitigation processes more efficient, robust, and transparent. MoneyRouter offers money transfers in real-time, safeguarding against criminal activity. Before a transfer being approved, MoneyRouter requires both senders and receivers of money to input key identity data using biometric technology. Identities are verified via multiple verifications. If all criteria are met, the transfer is authorized. We can handle many thousands of transactions per minute. Our application can be hosted either on proprietary servers or in the cloud.
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What makes MR unique

MR stands out because of its risk governing features to banks and remittance services. Working according to GDPR and PCI-DSS under the eye of Due diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence, making our system more secure and guaranteed. Using... the advanced and latest technology, MR (our Product) has proven to be the most efficient yet economical solution for transfer money nationally and internationally.
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Remittance & EMI

Electronic funds transfer is the most efficient and fastest way to send your remittances around the world also knows as EMI payment where we provide you personnel bank account after proper KYC process and strengthen you to send your remittances all around the... world with one click from your account to receivers account directly i.e. Faster, SEPA and Swift payment services for Current and Card Accounts. To avail this opportunity receiver has to provide his complete personnel & bank details and has to go through a complete screening process Along with the electronic funds transfer MR provides other Digital banking services like funds transfer, FX conversion, Card account along with physical/virtual card opportunity.
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