Revolutionaizing the IT industry by using the latest technology in the most effective way. Develop software to enhance security and transparency for financial institutions, governments, and police forces. Breaking the traditional organizational norms that have made humans a machine.


The information age has revealed many great things, and chief among them is that the more people know about each other, the better it is for everyone. Of course, this can bring with it some discomfort, but it is theirprofound belief that transparency is ultimately beneficial, and their company is determined to increase transparency around the world in a multitude of ways.

In terms of their products, they are a software applications company, but what they really provide for their customers are solutions to deep-seated issues regarding the identification of individuals, their assets, and their movements.

Their customers are primarily financial institutions, governments, and police forces. They are also examining ways to bring the benefits of their technologies to other sectors

Provide secure banking and AML compliance platform as a service for Money Transfer Companies to Operate their businesses.​

Thereby help consumers securely make remittance transactions by utilizing our propriety software​.

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One Touch Secure Money Transfers

Our Bussiness Model

Need for secure solution

What makes MR unique

Remittance & EMI Module

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MiT Training Program

Member of Innovation Team (MiT) is an intensive training program that will revolutionize the IT industry's culture by grooming the new generation with the help of Islamic teaching to become an analyst, a problem solver, a good decision-maker, and most important, determined, consistent and a team player.

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