Route Trading is a company headquartered in London, UK, dedicated to making the world safer and more transparent.

The information age has revealed many great things, and chief among them is that the more people know about each other, the better it is for everyone. Of course, this can bring with it some discomfort, but it is our profound belief that transparency is ultimately beneficial, and our company is determined to increase transparency around the world in a multitude of ways.

In terms of our products, we are a software applications company, but what we really provide for our customers are solutions to deep-seated issues regarding the identification of individuals, their assets, and their movements.

Our customers are primarily financial institutions, governments, and police forces. We are also examining ways to bring the benefits of our technologies to other sectors


moneyrouterMoneyRouter™ enables banks and other financial institutions to take part in home remittance and other money transfer business with increased security and reduced risk. This $600bn+ sector is currently seen as troublesome, and many banks are losing revenue by limiting their exposure. MoneyRouter™’s real-time, end-to-end, identity verification system checks individuals involved in transfers against the most up-to-date compliance databases. The system approves only the transactions that meet pre-set criteria.

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iDRouter is currently in development. It enhances security for nations and organizations by identifying individuals at all points on their route, using an end-to-end, real-time, identity verification system


Taimoor Iqbal

Taimoor Iqbal

A focused and solutions-oriented senior executive, Taimoor is passionate about delivering added value for an organisation and truly enjoys being presented with challenging problems and obstacles in pressurised and complex work environments.

He is Co-CEO of Route Trading, with a primary responsibility for business development. His background in IT and the home remittance industry inspired him to start Route Trading. His other business interests include a burgeoning interior design company in Dubai.

Musa Jammeh

Musa Jammeh

A qualified accountant and seasoned compliance officer, Musa is an analytical and critical thinker. As Co-CEO, Musa has day-to-day responsibility for company operations.

With a background in international banking, he has a deep understanding of cross-border capital flows and the need for much greater transparency. His ability to see things from the customer’s point of view makes him an invaluable resource on the Route Trading board.

Vision & Values

Our Vision: To make the world more transparent.

Mission: Enabling our customers to identify and screen individuals and their money transfers in real time.


Access – The vast majority of the world’s citizens are law-abiding people who want to make the most of life. Having access to capital, access to international travel, and access to money transfer make life more enjoyable. Our products help create a future where these freedoms are retained by people who enjoy them now, and where they become shared by many others.

Security – This has become a bigger issue in recent years, both at the personal level and the national level. Everything we do is designed to reduce risk for our customers. We are also dedicated to building a strong and successful company, providing career security for our employees.

Transparency – We believe passionately that the more we know about each other, the better things are for everyone. We help our customers achieve greater transparency in their dealings. Anyone doing business with us will also discover that we are committed to honesty and fairness in how we conduct ourselves.


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